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Shenzhen Siweiyi Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Siweiyi Technology Co., Ltd is an experienced manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China. With advanced production machines, experienced R&D team, a factory covering more than 3000 ㎡, we are innovative leading supplier of hygiene and cleaning products.
● One-stop service, including prototype designing, mold developing, product assembling, testing, packaging and shipping
● Multi-year OEM and ODM experience
● High-quality products, approved by CE, RoHs, FCC
● Fast delivery and reliable after-sale service

New Products


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  • Closed for Dragon Boat Festival During June 3-5

    The renowned Dragon Boat Festival falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. It commemorates the death of Qu Yuan, a Chinese poet and minister known for his patriotism and contributions to classical poetry and who eventually became a national hero.  Qu Yuan lived during the time of China...

  • How Modern Commercial Air Freshener Was Created

    The age of the modern air freshener technically began in 1946. Bob Surloff invented the first fan-operated air freshener dispenser. Surloff utilized technology that had been developed by the military that served to dispense insecticides. This evaporation process had the ...