How Modern Commercial Air Freshener Was Created

The age of the modern air freshener technically began in 1946. Bob Surloff invented the first fan-operated air freshener dispenser. Surloff utilized technology that had been developed by the military that served to dispense insecticides. This evaporation process had the capacity to deliver a vapor spray which contained triethylene glycol, a germicidal substance known for its ability to reduce bacteria in the air for a short period of time. Surloff created an evaporatory method utilizing a hurricane lamp cotton wick, a reservoir bottle and a small motorized fan which collectively enabled longer, continuous, controlled evaporation throughout an interior space. This format became the industry standard.

In the course of the last few decades, there has been a growing awareness among commercial enterprises of all kinds that employee and customer satisfaction are complex issues that directly relate to the facility’s attention to cleanliness and hygiene. In all building areas, but most specifically in the company restrooms, the ongoing concern for exposure to unpleasant malodors lingering in the air cannot be ignored.

Some factors driving the increasing use of air-freshener services include high per capita income and living standards coupled with rising industrial and commercial hygiene concerns among consumers. Air fresheners have long broken through the residential sector and are widely utilized in retail shopping centers, offices, showrooms, healthcare facilities and countless others commercial environments.

Air freshening dispensers are about so much more than just eliminating foul odors in commercial or industrial workspaces. They have the power to improve employee mood and morale, and indirectly, that all-important bottom line. Nothing says: ‘We don’t care about you’ more than a neglected and smelly bathroom or office.  A fresh burst of invigorating lemon or peppermint can improve energy levels and morale almost immediately. A reliable and effective air freshener service provider can make the process of installing and maintaining air freshener systems quick and painless.

Post time: May-27-2022